Map of the Ardmore, OK Region Showing Major Highways NearbyHighways

Interstate 35 runs north and south through the west side of Ardmore, providing a major shipping artery for goods headed toward the Canadian and Mexican borders.

East-west access is easy from Ardmore. Interstate 35 connects with Interstate 40 just 100 miles north in Oklahoma City. A mere 123 miles south in Dallas, Interstate 35 connects with Interstate 20. 

Map of the Ardmore, OK Region Showing Railroad Services NearbyRailways

The BNSF railroad parallels Interstate 35, with a main line running to points north (Kansas City, Chicago) and south (Dallas, Houston). Ardmore has a rail switching yard and two spurs off the main BNSF line, which serve the Michelin tire plant on the west side of town and the Ardmore Industrial Airpark north of town.


Commercial air service to and from the area is provided by two major airports – DFW International Airport (Dallas) and Will Rogers World Airport (Oklahoma City). Each airport is just 90 miles/minutes from Ardmore. In addition to the commercial airports, Ardmore also has two general aviation airports: Ardmore Municipal Airport and the Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport. 

Specifics about Ardmore's Airports

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (Commercial)
Source: DFW International Airport website – www.dfwairport.com; updated April 2022
Location Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, north side
Type of Airport Major international, commercial
Hub Status American Airlines
Distance from Ardmore 90 miles / 90 minutes south on I-35
Number of Runways 7
Terminals 5
Boarding Gates 164
Custom and Immigration Facilities Yes
Daily Flights 958 domestic flights
52 international flights
Weekly International Destinations Canada 73
  Mexico 174
  South America 27
  Europe 46
  Asia 14
Carriers Serving Airport

23 Passenger Airlines:
10 Domestic, 13 International

23 Cargo Airlines

Destinations 193 domestic and 67 international destinations
Largest Cities Served New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Tokyo, Japan
Seoul, South Korea
Mexico City, Mexico
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Website www.dfwairport.com
Oklahoma City – Will Rogers World Airport (Commercial)

Source: Will Rogers World Airport website, www.flyokc.com; Updated April 2022

Location Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Type of airport Major national, commercial
Hub status None
Distance from Ardmore 90 miles / 90 minutes north on I-35
Number of runways 4
Terminals 1
Boarding gates 24
Custom and immigration facilities No
Daily flights 150 domestic flights 
Carriers serving airport 7 total:
4 major carriers, 3 low fare
Destinations Non-stops to 31 domestic destinations
Major Cities Served by Non-stop Flights Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
Houston, TX
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
Minneapolis, MN
Nashville, TN
Newark, NJ (NYC area)
Orlando, FL
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
Salt Lake City, UT
San Antonio, TX
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
St. Louis, MO
Washington, DC
Website www.flyokc.com
Ardmore Municipal Airport (General Aviation)

Located 16 miles northeast of the city, the Ardmore Industrial Airpark is home to the Ardmore Municipal Airport. It includes 2 runways- 9,000-feet and 5,300-feet. Runway 13-31 is long and wide enough to land large commercial jet aircraft. The Ardmore Municipal Airport provides an ideal setting for companies that serve the aerospace industry.

Source: Ardmore Municipal Airport
Identifier KADM
Location 16 miles northeast of Ardmore, Ardmore Industrial Airpark
Type of airport General Aviation
Number & length of runways 2 Runways. 13-31 is 9,000 x 150 ft and 17-35 is 5,300 x 100 ft.
Full instrument landing capabilities Yes. FAA compliant. Control Tower. ARFF and security services.
Hours of operation 24 hours a day - 1 FBO on site.
Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport (General Aviation)

A convenient executive airport lies in the heart of Ardmore, offering a 5,000-foot runway for small jets and airplanes.

Source: Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport
Identifier 1F0
Location Within Ardmore city limits
Type of airport Executive planes and jets
Number & length of runways 1 runway at 5,000 feet long
Full instrument landing capabilities No, visual flight rules (VFR)
Hours of operation 24 hours a day