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Here are profiles of some economic development projects in the Ardmore, Oklahoma area.

Beetle Plastics

Beetle Plastics has expanded their Ardmore Airpark manufacturing facility. The expansion added to their existing building and increased their inventory storage capability. They increased their employees from 40 to 60.

Beetle Plastics LLC manufactures fiberglass pipe, tanks and fittings at their Ardmore location. Beetle is owned by Midwest Towers, Inc. which is headquartered in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Midwest Towers purchased Beetle in 2003.

Southwest Silicon Technology

Southwest Silicon Technology announced the expansion of their production facility located on Interstate Court in Ardmore. Southwest Silicon is in the process of adding 26,000 sq. ft. to their 14,000 sq. ft. building. The company reclaims silicon wafers for the silicon industry and has been located in Ardmore since 2000. The expansion will allow Southwest Silicon the ability to increase its production and add a new product line.

OnLine Packaging

OnLine Packaging constructed a 42,000 sq. ft. bleach manufacturing facility at the Ardmore Airpark. In addition to manufacturing household bleach, the company will also manufacture the plastic bottles for the bleach. OnLine Packaging is a family owned business with its headquarters in Plover, Wisconsin. The company also has a plant in Indiana. The new manufacturing facility is located north of the Carbonyx plant at the Airpark. This is a self-contained, highly automated state of the art facility. OnLine employs 17 people.

Amethyst Research, Inc.

Amethyst is a start-up company involved in developing advanced semiconductor process technology that will be used to manufacture next generation infrared (IR) "night vision" imagers. The company employs ten people including five Ph. D. level scientists.


Dollar General Corporation

With the help of the ADA, Dollar General Corporation completed its $23 million expansion to its Distribution Center at the Ardmore Airpark in 2005. This expansion has allowed Dollar General to increase its workforce from 600 to 750 at the Airpark Distribution Center. The Distribution Center now serves 1,225 Dollar General Retail Stores. This is the third expansion of the Ardmore Distribution Center since its opening in 1994.

Dot Foods, Inc.

Dot Foods, Inc. began operations in February 2005 in their Ardmore Distribution Center. Dot Foods purchased the former Best Buy Product Return Center in New Horizons Industrial Park. An additional 60,000 square feet was added to the 121,000 square foot facility. The company began production with 70 employees and currently employs 135. The Ardmore, Oklahoma facility represents a $12 million investment. Dot Foods serves more than 2,200 food distributors and manufacturers in the food service, retail, ingredient, convenience store and vending supply chains.

Dot Foods, a family-owned company headquartered in Mt. Sterling, IL, and employs over 2,000 people nationwide.

Best Buy Distribution Center

Best Buy opened its new 750,000 sq. ft. facility in May, 2004 located in Westport Industrial Park. The building slab is 1,000,000 sq. ft. to allow for future expansion. The new facility replaces their previous 450,000 sq. ft. distribution center. The Ardmore, Oklahoma facility employs 195. The new facility is one of seven large distribution centers within the company.

Carbonyx Carbon Technologies

Carbonyx Carbon Technologies is a high-technology material science company engaged in the development and production of premium carbon and carbon alloy products. This is a start-up company using innovative proprietary technologies and customized production approaches to manufacture and market carbon alloy products. The first project of the company was to develop a Cokonyx™ facility to demonstrate the feasibility of the engineering, production, operations, emissions and the economics of the process. The 20,000 square foot building was completed in 2002. A full scale production facility was completed in 2004 and production began in April 2005. The building is approximately 80,000 sq. ft. and employs over 30 employees.

Michelin North America

Michelin North America increased its investment in the company’s Ardmore, Oklahoma tire manufacturing plant with an additional $144 million to increase the plant’s capacity for producing larger tires. “With the completion of this major investment, we are confident the Ardmore plant will become the most important plant in the Michelin family, said Governor Brad Henry. “Ardmore and Oklahoma competed for this investment with a number of Michelin plants worldwide. Ardmore, Oklahoma is, once again, the winner in the competition for capital investment.” Ardmore Plant Manager Dave Brenner said the decision to improve the plant follows the previously announced decision to invest $56 million at the facility and brings its total pending investment to $200 million. “We knew we were competing for investment dollars against locations all over the world. Because of the work of the entire Ardmore, Oklahoma plant, the work of Wes Stucky and the leadership of our elected officials, we are announcing that instead of $56 million, our investment will be much more.” Wes Stucky, former president of the Ardmore Development Authority (ADA) said that Ardmore’s economy continues to grow despite the national slowdown. “This project is an example of what happens when the community supports a company and the company and the ADA have a true partnership. In terms of major investments, 2003 set a record for our community.” The ADA has completed construction of the 75,000 square foot expansion that is leased to Michelin. The plant currently covers an area of 1,500,000 square feet and employs 1,900. The plant manufactures radial passenger and light truck tires for the original equipment as well as replacement markets.


Recent Projects

More and more companies are discovering the strength, vitality, and strategic location of Ardmore, Oklahoma. Here are some recent stories of new and expanding industry in the area.

EJIW (East Jordan Iron Works)

East Jordan Iron Works-Ardmore Foundry, Inc. is a well-established manufacturer of iron castings with headquarters in East Jordan, MI. It is a family owned company, which has been in the foundry business for over 100 years. Currently in the fourth generation of family ownership, the company built the foundry in Ardmore, Oklahoma to better service its customers in the western and southern parts of the United States. The Ardmore, Oklahoma Foundry began production in October 2001. The foundry began operating a second shift in 2003. The foundry currently employs approximately 235 people.

Dollar Tree

A unique partnership between the Ardmore Development Authority and the Love County Industrial Foundation, along with assistance by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, enabled Dollar Tree Stores to locate a 600,000 square foot distribution center off of I-35 in Marietta, Oklahoma. This impressive facility took approximately ten months to construct under the direction of the Ardmore Development Authority which purchased the land, instigated the relocation of a major transmission line, oversaw zoning and permitting requirements, assisted in the design and construction of an industrial access road, facilitated grant opportunities, dealt directly with all contractors and sub-contractors and issued payments on the entire $35 million project. With the ADA’s innovative approach, southern Oklahoma gained a new industry and over 100 new jobs. Hugh Buford, facility manager, said, “We absolutely love Oklahoma and the labor pool has been exceptional thus far, it’s been a great place to do business.”

King Aerospace

Jerry-King Echevarria formed King Aerospace Inc. in 1992 to support the United States Air Force on the E-9A Fleet of aircraft. King Aerospace provides engineering services, airframe and engine maintenance, inspection support and avionics maintenance and modifications on the highly sophisticated telemetry fleet of aircraft. The firm also provides comprehensive logistic services, mission equipment operators, and certified training support. King Aerospace’s purpose is to provide reliable, top quality, cost effective aviation services on schedule, maintaining satisfied clients and employees while earning a fair profit. King Aerospace was awarded the Small Business Administration’s prestigious National Small Business Prime Contractor of the year for the firm’s performance on the E-9A program. The Ardmore Development Authority supported the refurbishing of the 100,000 square foot hangar as King Aerospace anticipated increased workload to cause the need for another large hangar facility.

Rush Peterbilt Truck Center – Ardmore

Rush Trucking recently expanded its operation to a 30,000 square foot facility leased from the Ardmore Development Authority and located in the New Horizons Industrial Park. The trucking operation provides a full line of parts and services for Peterbilt trucks as well as other large over-the-road vehicles. With anticipated monthly sales of $250,000, this expansion will mean additional sales tax revenue for the city. Lynn Eggenberg, local manager, commented on the benefits of the new Ardmore, Oklahoma location, “Due to the Ardmore Development Authority’s recruitment of industries who utilize trucking, it made sense that our company locate close to a growing clientele.”

Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Developing better agricultural understanding, procedures and technology not only aids farmers and ranchers, it benefits mankind. For at its heart, agriculture makes up our food supply, the very source of life. This knowledge is understood and respected at the Ardmore-based Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation whose mission is to improve understanding and practices in the world of agriculture. Founded in 1945 by oilman Lloyd Noble, the organization has since grown to include more than 250 employees and an endowment of nearly $1 billion. The foundation operates primarily from earnings on its investment portfolio and ranks among the 60 largest private, charitable foundations in the United States. The Noble Foundation recently completed an $85 million expansion, primarily to its laboratory and greenhouse facilities. Central to the expansion … is an independent power generating facility to eliminate the threat of a power interruption that could destroy millions of dollars worth of research. “The expansion was precipitated by the quality of the work being accomplished by our staff,” said President Mike Cawley. “The Foundation’s board of trustees believed their work was worthy of this significant investment.”

"We looked at about 20 different sites across the South Central U. S. and chose Ardmore, Oklahoma. It's a beautiful area in the southern part of Oklahoma with hills and lakes."

Tracy Malpass,
Executive Vice President, East Jordan Iron Works – Ardmore Foundry

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