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08.26.15 | Best Places to Start a Business in Oklahoma
Ardmore, a city in Carter County, is considered the business and tourism hub of south-central Oklahoma. Businesses here bring in average annual revenue of $1.88 million each, the highest on our top 10 list. ...READ MORE

01.22.14 | 2014:  Phase II of the Ardmore Workforce Project
In 2013, the ADA conducted a preliminary study on the needs of workforce in Ardmore and the surrounding area. When we say “Workforce”, we’re describing positions from entry level minimum wage to positions that require advanced degrees and certifications and everything in between. It became clear through a series of listening tours and a deliberate interview and survey of employers that the major issue facing our local industry and business is the availability of labor of all types to fill the variety of positions. ...READ MORE

12.11.13 | Ardmore Development Authority 2013:  A Year of Change and Challenge
As 2013 draws to a close, I think it beneficial to try and capture the year in summary form. All organizations go through cycles of relative stability and then turbulence---and 2013 was a year of turbulence for the ADA. ...READ MORE

10.14.13 | Workforce:  Pressing the Dialogue Forward
Question: In Ardmore, what does a manufacturer, a distributor, a hospital, a school system and a police force all have in common?

Answer: They all need a skilled workforce and they are all hurting from a chronic shortage in that area.

I recently met with a group of about twenty Human Resource officers from a collection of Ardmore employers. These are professionals in the field of recruiting, training, retaining and supporting the workers in their companies. If you have any doubt about the seriousness of how tight the labor market in Ardmore is, these folks can help clear up the misconceptions.

08.12.13 | ADA pulling on the oars with Oklahoma for Unmanned Systems Technologies
Most of us have read or seen reports about the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) in combat zones. Some of us have played with the toys in shopping malls that are essentially miniature UAV’s. But between these vehicles with global range and down to battery operated are incredible assortments of remotely piloted vehicles. Some of these are on land, in water and also in the air. What they all have in common is the fact that a driver or pilot is not “in the vehicle” to steer it. As in all technology, there are pros and cons to its advancement and use in society. The benefits are pretty clear in fields like agriculture in areas such as disease detection, hydration level measuring and nutrition monitoring. ...READ MORE

"If you are locating a new facility and want to deal with an up-front organization that is experienced, gets a first-rate job done in record time, handles everything, and provides for a smooth and easy project; the Ardmore Development Authority is the one to call."

Cal Turner,
Former Chairman of the Board, Dollar General Corporation

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