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Build-to-Suit Program

For companies that need a new industrial or commercial building in Ardmore, we offer a business-friendly resource – Ardmore’s Build-to-Suit Program. With a low construction cost and favorable tax treatment, our Build-to-Suit program is popular among new and expanding companies.

The typical Ardmore Build-to-Suit package has these features:

  • Client selects construction type based on variables provided.
  • Experienced engineers, architects, and estimators provide an accurate estimate of the project cost.
  • Client retains the right to select architects and contractors.
  • Client may supervise construction if desired.
  • Construction time is typically 9 months – with some fast-track projects completed in 6 months.
  • The facility can be sold, leased, or leased with an option to purchase.
Sample of recent Build-to-Suit projects
Project Size
Distribution center 750,000 sq ft
Distribution center 600,000 sq ft
Distribution center 500,000 sq ft
Distribution center 250,000 sq ft
Speculative building 180,000 sq ft
Aircraft hangar 30,000 sq ft
Aircraft hangar 25,048 sq ft
High Tech Manufacturing facility 23,000 sq ft
Aircraft hangar / corporate office 20,000 sq ft
Multi-purpose building 17,000 sq ft
Aircraft painting facility 17,000 sq ft
Manufacturing plant 15,000 sq ft
Corporate headquarters 15,000 sq ft
Aircraft hangar 12,000 sq ft
Corporate office 4,500 sq ft
Source: Ardmore Development Authority
"If you are locating a new facility and want to deal with an up-front organization that is experienced, gets a first-rate job done in record time, handles everything, and provides for a smooth and easy project; the Ardmore Development Authority is the one to call."

Cal Turner,
Former Chairman of the Board, Dollar General Corporation

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410 W MAIN ST • ARDMORE, OK 73401
(580) 223-6162 • Fax: (580) 223-7825