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Westport Industrial Park

Adjacent to Interstate 35

This page profiles Westport Industrial Park in Ardmore.
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Description of Park

Westport Industrial Park is located on Interstate 35. All lots within Westport are easily accessible via Cooper Drive, which runs throughout the park. Interstate access is available at both ends of the park.  

Location and Contacts
Industrial Park Name Westport Industrial Park
Description of Location Adjacent to I-35, between Ardmore Exits 32 and 33
Address Ardmore Development Authority
410 West Main
P. O. Box 1585
City Ardmore, OK 73402

Company Ardmore Development Authority
Phone 580-223-6162

Characteristics of Site
Adjacent land available? Yes
Zoning classification Light industrial
Topography of site Gently sloping
In 100-year flood plain? No
Storm drainage? Yes
Phase One environmental audit done? Yes

Price per acre in park $20,000

Electric Power
Provider OG&E Electric Service
Voltage into park 7200 volts
12,500 primary
3 phase
Power quality Excellent
Dual feed available from 1 substation Available
Dual feed available from 2 substations Available

Local exchange carrier AT&T
Nearest central office 5 miles
ADSL available from central office? Yes
Analog or digital? Digital
Fiber ring? Yes
Dual service from 2 central offices? No
Fiber installed or available? Yes
ISDN available from central office? Yes

Provider City of Ardmore
Size of water main to park 12 inch
Static pressure 70
Residual pressure 65
Flow per minute 1150
Treatment plant Conventional
Rated capacity (mgd) 17 mgd
Average Monthly Peak demand (mgd) 12.3 mgd
Booster pump required? No
Onsite storage? Yes
Elevated? Yes
Capacity in gallons of storage 4.5 million gallons

Provider City of Ardmore
Size of sewer main into park 12 inch
Use of lift required? No
Type RBC
Rated capacity (mgd) 11 mgd
Peak demand (mgd) 7 mgd

Natural Gas
Provider Oklahoma Natural Gas Company
Size of gas main into park 8 inch
Distance from site On site
Gas pressure Medium
Heat valve N/A

Protective Services
Fire insurance class rating 4
Fire 1 miles
Police 2 miles
Patrol provided? Yes

Nearest highways and distance Interstate 35
Two lane 1 mile
Four lane 1 mile
Interstate Adjacent
Railway Could be extended 1/4 mile to provide rail access

Location of Site
State enterprise zone? Yes
Enterprise community? No
Empowerment zone? No
Foreign trade zone? Yes, FTZ No. 227
Specialized local zones? No
Total acres 190
Acres available 34.1

Current Tenants

Flying J
Engineering Services & Testing Silver Star
Howard Construction
Longhorn Scooters
Michelin (Warehouse) TNT Logistics
RSC Corporation
Sooner Lift
A & A Transportation
Silver Star Construction
Best Buy Distribution Center
Love's Convenience Store and Truck Stop
Microtel Inns &Suites
Boyd Equipment

"If you are locating a new facility and want to deal with an up-front organization that is experienced, gets a first-rate job done in record time, handles everything, and provides for a smooth and easy project; the Ardmore Development Authority is the one to call."

Cal Turner,
Former Chairman of the Board, Dollar General Corporation

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410 W MAIN ST • ARDMORE, OK 73401
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