Ardmore has a Diverse & Stable Workforce

Ardmore is the home to one of the most cost-efficient Michelin tire manufacturing plants in the world. Ardmore’s location north of Dallas makes it a strategic geographic point for the distribution operations of Best Buy, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General, just to name a few.

Top Employers in Ardmore, OK Area

Company Industry / Description Employee Count
Source: Ardmore Development Authority, July 2021
Michelin North America Manufacturer / Tires 1,546
Dollar General Distribution Distribution/General Merchandise 1,125
Mercy Hospital Ardmore Healthcare / Hospital 857
Dollar Tree Distribution / General Merchandise 450
Noble Research Institute Plant Biology / Agricultural science 387
AAF Flanders Air Filter Manufacturer & Distribution 350
EJ Ardmore Foundry Manufacturer / Casting Products 350
Best Buy Distribution / Electronics 325
Dot Foods Food Redistribution 315
Valero Energy Corporation Energy / Petroleum Products 280
Werner Trucking Trucking 180
First National Bank & Trust Co. Service / Banking 141
Overland Corporation Construction 120

A Central & Efficient Location for Your Business

You won’t experience traffic congestion or delays in Ardmore. There is no such thing as "rush hour.” Most employees are less than 15 minutes from work. Those with longer commutes simply choose to live in other parts of Southern Oklahoma or North Texas and drive to work in Ardmore.

Commute Time for Carter County Labor Force
Source: 2016 American Community Survey, Updated 2018
Less than 15 minutes
15-29 minutes
30-44 minutes
45-59 minutes
60 minutes or more

A Thriving Business & Employment Economy

Ardmore, OK is a growing city and home to many major employers and manufacturers. 

Unemployment Stats

Carter County has averaged unemployment rates under 5% since 2011.

Average Annual Unemployment Rate
Year Carter County
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Updated August 2020
2019 3.5%
2018 3.5%
2017 4.6%
2016 5.2%
2015  4.5%
2014 4.0%
2013  3.9%
2012 4.2%
2011 4.8%
2010 5.6%
2009 6.4%

Underemployment Stats

Based on the findings from the Comprehensive Regional Workforce Analysis released in June 2018.

  • Underemployment represents approximately 12.3% of the regional labor force
  • Underemployment is higher among workers with a bachelor's degree or above
  • Underemployment is higher among workers age 35 and below as well as lower earning workers
  • Underemployment is higher among white collar and service workers
  • Underemployment is high among engineers and science related workers

2018 Labor Study

In November 2017 the Ardmore Development Authority partnered with Site Selection Group, a Dallas-based location advisory firm, to evaluate the community's strengths and weaknesses in regard to attracting new industry.  Information for the study was gathered from various data sources, most importantly employer interviews and a workforce survey that was distributed and available for approximately six weeks.

Download the Complete Labor Study