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Labor-Management Relations

Less than 2% of the Ardmore area workforce is unionized at present, compared to a statewide figure of 11.6%. In 2001, Oklahoma voters passed Right-To-Work legislation.

Labor-management Relations and Union Issues
Union Status
Right to work state? Yes (2002)
Percent of Ardmore workforce organized 1.34%
Percent of Oklahoma workforce organized 11.6%
Private Companies Unionized (within 50 miles)
Company Name of Union Total
Total Union Employees %
Valero Energy International Union of Operating Engineers 298 222 74%
Atlas Roofing United Steel Workers 65 48 74%
Union elections past 5 years (50+ empl) Votes Union won
Manufacturing Unions 0 0%
Distribution Unions 0 0%
F.I.R.E. Unions 0 0%
All Sectors 0 0%
Union elections past 5 years, by company
Company: Michelin North America (Ardmore Plant)
Date of Vote: 01-19-2001
Union involved: United Steelworkers of America
Industry Code: 32621 NAISC
Result: Union defeated
Votes for Union: 422
Votes against Union: 1,220
Strikes or work stoppages, past 5 years
Number 0
Average Duration N/A
Source: Ardmore Development Authority
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410 W MAIN ST • ARDMORE, OK 73401
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