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Featured Business: Valero Ardmore Refinery

Valero Full Refinery

About the Valero Refinery in Ardmore, OK

The Valero Ardmore Refinery has gone through numerous upgrades since its purchase by Valero in 2001. Originally constructed in 1913, the refinery has been continuously modernized over the years with the objective of processing heavier, sour crudes while maintaining a high product yield establishing the refinery as a leader in the production of clean-burning fuels, especially in the Oklahoma region. Employing approximately 290 people, the refinery produces a wide range of petroleum products including gasoline, kerosene, sulfur, diesel, liquified petroleum gas (LPG), propylene, and butane. In addition to production and processing, the refinery also has more than 2.4 million barrels of product storage.

The Refinery’s Commitment to Its City

Throughout its history the Valero Ardmore Refinery has been an active member of the Ardmore community. In 2018 alone $285,000 were pledged to the United Way of South Central Oklahoma, with additional donations and a company match projected to bring total plant contributions to approximately $428,000. Through the 2017 Valero Texas Open and Benefit for Children, $240,000 were distributed to 26 Ardmore-area children’s charities. Employees have also participated in over 2,700 volunteer hours annually through multiple events.